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With the rise in cyber threats and unwanted virus attacks and phishing, antivirus companies have notched up their security to the next level. Every year, numerous updates and features are added by the antivirus developers to combat the developed and more organized threat. McAfee technical support number can give you access to all available updates and you can ask any of your doubts from the professionals.

All the antivirus suits and the packages' claims that they protect you from the threats of malicious attacks. However, it is challenging to know the exact functionality of protection without putting them to the test. So, antivirus companies like McAfee customer service number put this feature to test their functionality.

These tests are performed in various ways that the users will ultimately use the product. Every antivirus, however, the best they claim to have some slight drawbacks. While some may offer a sufficient guard against phishing, they may not have firm parental control. Regardless of functionality, a minimum standard is kept in mind while performing these tests. You can dial Antivirus Technical Support number in case of doubts.


Dial McAfee customer service number and scan your system thoroughly.

Typically, an antivirus can ward off the existing malware that has been plaguing the system. To test its scanning capacity, a list of malware-infected software is downloaded, and the scan is done to see how much it can ward off the virus.

In the spring cycle, the security vendors like McAfee customer support number go for an update. So does the malware. Hence, the malware-infected software, bloat wares, and files are gathered at this time from various sources, and the antivirus is put to the test.

Next, an antivirus must be able to ward off the malicious attack from the websites and URLs. From the associations of the ethical hackers and web developers, the antivirus companies collect malicious URLs.

After collecting a list of unknown and susceptible URLs, McAfee total protection 2019 launches them while running the security. They make a note of the number of times that antivirus is blocking the access of those websites.The score of this test is determined by the percentage of the URL blocked. Ideally, the antivirus that can prevent more than 90 percent is launched in the market.